Runestone Interactive

Using Runestone Books in Class

Our books are used in Hundreds of Colleges, Universities and High Schools. We invite you to create your own course. Its free, and pretty easy.

Why/how create my own course?

Video Help

The videos linked below will walk you through most of the tasks associated with setting up and managing your course on Runestone Academy

Manage your course

The Admin Page Lets you manage every aspect of your course from student enrollment to grading.

Check Student Progress and Activity

Do you wonder whether your students are really doing the readings homework? Our Instructor Dashboard can show you

Create your own assignments

Choose from the exercises we provide, questions written by fellow instructors, or write your own. This video will show you how.

Grade Homework Right in the Book

For each assignment you can see all your student homeworks on one page. Grading is quick and easy with the click of a button to run each submission. Many exercises can also be auto graded! Check out This Video

Write your own Questions

When you are ready you can write your own questions using the Runestone Components This Video will get you started.

How do I Create my Own Course?

Register as a user
Begin by registering as a regular user Here. When you register, register for the thinkcspy course. You will change that in a few steps.
Navigate to the Instructor's Dashboard
The Instructors Dashboard Has the tools to create a course, update a course, grade assignments, and generate other reports. For now, we will use it to create a course.
Create a Custom Course
Click on the Create Course link to go to the course creation page. there you will enter some important information about your course.
Enter Course Information
You will need a unique name for your course, yourcoursename along with the start date, and some other information. The unique course name is the name your students will need to use to register.
Select a Book
You can use How to Think Like a Computer Scientist, Problem solving with Algorithms and Data structures using Python. The AP CS A Java Review or almost any of the books in our library.
In just a few minutes a course will be set up, and a book built for you. After a successful build you will be registered as the instructor for this course, and you should be at the homepage. If you get an error check the URL carefully. It should look like the yourcoursename part is important and serves to uniquely idenitfy your course.