WeBWorK Hosting

Runestone Academy offers hosting for WeBWorK courses. We are doing this to give greater access to WeBWorK, especially for institutions that do not have their own WeBWorK server.

Demonstration Courses

Please visit the Runestone WeBWorK site to visit a few demonstration courses, where you may log in as a guest and try exercises.

Course Request Form

If you would like to request a WeBWorK course, please fill out this form. If you have multiple sections of one course, please just use the form once. But if you are requesting WeBWorK courses for multiple different acadmic courses, please use the form mutliple times.


For Fall 2020, this was a free service. The trial was a success in terms of user satisfaction and reasonable expenses.

Starting in 2021, this service will charge a hosting fee for $100 per course (not per student). There is no cap on the number of students, and you may manage multiple sections from one WeBWorK course, although in certain circumstances that can be tiring for the instructor.

In Summer 2021 we will reassess the details of what fees are charged. Our financial goals are to cover the cloud computing costs, cover the cost of labor hours, and contribute a small but meaningful excess to open source education projects like Runestone and WeBWorK.


  1. Is WeBWorK accessible?

    Yes, WeBWorK itself is considered very accessibile, and has an Accessibility Guide. It is always possible for individual exercises in WeBWorK to have been coded without proper concern for accessibility issues, but for the most part, individual exercises are accessible.

  2. Will I be able to integrate my WeBWorK course with my LMS?

    Probably. We will work with you to set that up. It does require some collaboration between us at the WeBWorK end, and you working within your LMS. It has been done successfully with Canvas, Desire2Learn, Blackboard, and Moodle. For some other LMS, we are willing to experiment to see what can be done.

  3. Where do I find problems to use?

    Within WeBWorK there is an Open Problem Library with tens of thousands of contributed exercises. These exercises are tagged so you can search for what you would like to find. Depending on the subject area, we may be able to put you in contact with problem authors who will license their problems to you with no hassle. You may also write/code your own WeBWorK exercises. There is a strong user community and wiki site to help with this.

  4. What about pre-packaged ready-to-go courses?

    Depending on what you need, we can set you up with something. A few examples are visible at the Runestone WeBWorK site. There are more model courses we can load for you as well.

  5. What kind of tech support can I expect?

    If something is not working with the WeBWorK course, you can contact Alex to look into it and work on it. Response times up through Summer 2021 will vary between immediate and 24 hours later. If something is not working with an individual WeBWorK problem, that is a different matter. See the next question.

  6. Something is not working with a WeBWorK problem. Or it has an accessibility issue. Or I want to design a new WeBWorK problem that behaves in a certain way. If I am not able to work it out using the user forums and reference information at the wiki, what can I do?

    Alex is available to debug an existing WeBWorK problem or design a template problem from scratch. Through Summer 2021, this is just a trial service to see how much time would be spent on such things. Starting in Fall 2021, this may become an add-on service for an additional fee, or it may no longer be offered.

  7. What if I invest my time in this service, setting up some WeBWorK courses, but then I have to leave? For example, if this service goes away or it becomes a service with a fee that I am not able to pay. Will I be able to keep my content?

    Yes, each WeBWorK course can be archived into a file that you can take with you. This file includes all of the course setup that you put in place, as well as student data. Then you can upload this file into another WeBWorK server and reconsitute the course. Generating this file is something that we must do for you, but we will always be able to do that when you ask.

  8. Will this service go away someday?

    Maybe, but we know that faculty cannot turn on a dime. (Well, they can when the need arises, but they should not be forced to.) So if this service ever goes away, we will alert all users sometime before the end of June and then continue operating all the way through any summer courses, shutting down before Fall.

  9. What about student data privacy?

    The only users with access to your student data are you and the faculty you add to the course, and Runestone Academy administrators. Runestone Academy will not access your student data except in the course of assisting you with an issue. Please see the Runestone Interactive Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for more details.

  1. I’m in Canada, or Europe, or someplace where the local laws and policies make it problematic for me to put student data on your server. What can I do?

    We use cloud computing that is based in the US, but we have looked into the possibility of moving to a Toronto-based data center. If there is enough demand, we will make that move and we hope it helps smooth things out for you. If you are in Europe or somewhere else, please look into the details of the local laws and policies before getting yourself in any trouble.